Camera Ready: Tricks Class

for dogs of all ages with basic training

build a better bond with your dog with a fun new twist

is your dog Camera Ready?

Have you ever tried to capture that perfect photo of your dog, only to end up frustrated when they just won’t sit still or look at the camera? Ever scrolled through Instagram or TikTok, admiring those adorable canine stars, and thought, ‘My dog could never do that’?

If so, it’s time for a game changer: Welcome to ‘CAMERA READY’! 

Our unique ‘Camera Ready’ class is not just a fun class that will provide your dog with enrichment and improve your relationship with your dog, but it will also transform your spirited pup into a poised and photogenic star, teaching both of you the essential skills for striking the perfect pose and mastering on-set behaviors needed for film, TV, unforgettable photos, and viral social media fame.

Learn from an experienced trainer who knows exactly how to work with dogs in the limelight, having guided many to success on real film and TV sets. Through fun, engaging lessons, your dog will not only learn handy skills for photo and film sets, but enjoy every step of the journey alongside you, strengthening your bond.

And the grand finale? Celebrate your achievements with a mini photoshoot in your final class, resulting in a fun and high-quality image of your ‘Camera Ready’ dog.

Plus, as an added bonus, you’ll receive a coupon to use towards a personalized photo session with us valid for an entire year worth an extra $50 value! See our Photography page for more details!

Don’t let another photo opportunity for your dog slip away! Enroll in ‘Camera Ready’ and unlock your dog’s star potential!



Skills & Tricks for camera

In the ‘Camera Ready’ group class you’ll learn how to teach your dog impressive skills and adorable tricks tailored for the camera’s spotlight!

Hone invaluable skills like ‘Stay’, ‘Go to Mark’, and ‘Target Gaze’ for photo shoots and film sets and start building a repertoire of charming tricks, including ‘Wave’, ‘Paws Up’, and ‘Hold an Item’, designed to add that extra flair to your dog’s on-camera presence!

Professional Photoshoot

Your last class will feature a mini photoshoot to commemorate your completion of the course which will give you one professional photo of your dog.

You will also receive a coupon to book a Seasonal Themed Photo Session with Extraordinary Canines. An additional $50 value good for 1 year!


This class teaches intermediate to advanced level skills and tricks. Your dog should have prior training using positive reinforcement; the understanding of a Marker Word and/or Clicker is a huge plus! 

Our “Foundations” class meets this requirement, but if you have not done Foundations with Extraordinary Canines we will reach out to you to confirm your suitability for this course.

New Camera Ready class will begin Friday May 10! Only $280


We proudly keep the size of our group classes down to provide our students with plenty of attention and feedback from our instructors. 



Note that group classes are unable to accommodate reactive dogs or those that bark excessively. Please email us if you are unsure about your dog’s fit into class.

Frequently Asked Questions.

Have questions? Check our FAQs before sending us an email!

Does my dog need prior training to attend this class?


This class is designed for dogs with some basic training already under their belt. All training should be based in positive reinforcement.

At minimum your dog should be comfortable working in the vicinity of other dogs and understand “Sit” and “Down”.

Experience using a Marker Word and/or Clicker in training is an asset, but not essential.

If your unsure if your dog is ready for this class please send us an email.

How many dogs are in a class? How many instructors?

Class sizes maximum is 4 dogs. One certified professional dog trainer leads this class.

Each dog has a personal working space of approximately 200 square feet PLUS a buffer zone between them and the next family.

We may use physical and/or visual barriers to help set the dogs up for success.

What vaccinations does my dog need to have to attend class?

DAPP/DHPP and Rabies

Dogs must be fully up to date on all standard vaccines. We encourage families to vaccinate against bordetella, but do not require it.

Proof of DAPP/DHPP and rabies vaccination or titers is required.

Can my reactive dog attend group classes? What is a reactive dog?

No. Reactive dogs will be dismissed from attending group classes.

Reactive dogs may be better described as “over-reactive” in regular language. A “reactive” dog may lunge, bark at, growl, or otherwise unfavourably respond to the presence of certain triggers (most commonly other dogs or strangers). Some reactive dogs are fearful of their triggers while others are overly excited.

We hope to offer options for reactive dogs in the future, however, at this time we will have to dismiss reactive dogs that are causing disruptions to others.

Dogs that may bark once or twice at another dog nearby but is able to quickly be redirected and quieted by their handler are welcome (provided the handler uses force free redirection and does not use “corrections”). What we cannot allow are dogs that bark for prolonged periods throughout class which interrupts class instruction and/or disturbs the training of other dogs in the class. 

Note that our regular refund policy applies to reactive dogs and once a family has started classes we cannot offer refunds in the event that a dog is not a good fit for group classes due to reactivity. We do, however, encourage humans of that family continue to attend classes without the reactive dog to watch, learn, and ask questions.