About Megan Brooking

Role: Extraordinary Canines Owner, Lead Trainer, & Photographer


  • Certified Professional Dog Trainer (CPDT-KA, 2018)
  • Certified K9 Nose Work Instructor (CNWI, 2020)
  • Fear Free Certified (2020)
  • Puppy Start Right Instructor (2020)
  • Family Dog Mediator (FDM, 2024)
  • Certified Trick Dog Instructor (CTDI, 2024)


  • Scent Detection Sport
  • Puppies 
  • Leash Walking
  • Foundational Training (‘basic obedience’)
  • On-Leash Reactivity

Other Skills:

  • Tricks
  • Rally Obedience (CARO)
  • Hoopers Basics

Influences: Megan has been influenced by a range of esteemed dog trainers, including Dr. Patricia McConnell, Kathy Sdao, Hannah Brannigan, Leslie McDevitt, and Chirag Patel. She finds it challenging to write a short list of trainers that inspire her as so many trainers have shaped her approach to dog training over the years.

Experience: Megan embarked on her professional dog training journey in 2016. Her passion for the field ignited when she successfully managed her own dog’s on-leash reactivity issues, leading her to discover a profound interest in the science of animal behaviour and how it applies to dog training.

Continuing Education: To stay current in her field, Megan consumes content geared towards pet owners, which helps her communicate more effectively with clients. She also delves into peer-reviewed studies, attends webinars for professional trainers, and continuously seeks new ideas anywhere she can find them. Megan is a passionate life long learner and also believes in the value of being a student herself and you may find her as a student with her own dogs in local classes offered by some of her fabulous colleagues in the industry. 

Background: Megan holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in English and Theatre, with her background in both acting and directing having shaped her confidence in leading classes. She also has experience in teaching fitness classes which further built her group instruction skills and ability to work with adult learners. Her time spent working as a dog daycare attendant, as well as volunteering at animal shelters has enriched her understanding in dog behavior and body language, enhancing her ability to train effectively. She completed a mentorship and informal certification for dog training in 2017 and has been training professionally since then. 

Teaching Philosophy:

Like all Extraordinary Canines trainers, Megan is passionate about using positive reinforcement methods when training dogs. She believe that training should be fun for the dogs AND the humans and is strongly opposed to the use of coercion, intimidation, or ‘corrections’ in teaching canine learners.

Megan loves the dynamic nature of dog training. She enjoys tailoring her training plans and strategies to suit an individual dogs personality and learning style and thrives with the challenge of working with dogs that are outside the average.

Something she loves about this career is witnessing the mindset transformation in families who initially perceive their dogs as “bad” or “stubborn” and helping them recognize their pets’ extraordinary potential.

Coaching Style: As a neurodiverse human, Megan uses clear and direct communication with both dogs and their humans. She adapts her methods swiftly to meet the unique needs of each canine learner and she pushes their humans to reach their full potential striving for every team to achieve the best possible outcomes.

Human learners looking for a nurturing coach may not be a good fit for Megan’s direct communication style and may be better matched with one of our other trainers.

Scent Detection: Megan also hosts scent detection sport events and is an approved judge for both C-WAGS and CDSA (with her CKC scent judging pending). She has titled her own dogs at a high level in various scent detection organizations (see more below).

Personal Interests

Outside of dog training, Megan is an introverted geek with a love for video games, tabletop games, and all kinds of arts and crafts. She loves Dungeons and Dragons, Star Wars, comic book movies and other extremely geeky things including dressing up to celebrate her various fandoms . . . or dressing up in general, really.

That said, much of her free time is still dedicated to dogs — her own dogs! Many of her ‘days off’ are spent participating in dog sport events sometimes as a participant, but often as a volunteer, host, judge, or other official!

She loves training her dogs new things and earning new titles with them. For Megan earning titles helps her set goals for things to do with her dogs which motivates her to always keep training new things!

Megan also has a passion for photography and is the one behind the camera for Extraordinary Canines’ photography offerings (self portrait with her dog Trinket seen here).

Megan’s Dogs 



Brophy is a senior Finnish Lapphund and the reactive dog that led Megan to becoming a dog trainer. He has long ago overcome his reactive behaviour and is perfectly content to relax in all kinds of environments where other dogs may be around. When he was a teenager, however, his lunging and barking was so intense that Megan was attending physio for a shoulder injury (from the repeated lunging) and felt absolutely hopeless when it came to walking this boy. Because of this he’s helped Megan to be able to truly relate to her reactive dog clients.

Brophy is an all or nothing dog. Her acts first and asks questions later. If he’s doing something then he’s putting every ounce of enthusiasm he can muster into doing it and if he’s not interested then he’s not doing it. He’s a total clown and brings his own fun everywhere he goes. He believes anything worth doing is worth doing at 110%.

Like most dogs, working with Brophy requires a lot of clarity and consistency. Training sessions need to be dynamic and fun with lots and lots of treats. He is a food obsessed dog that will do almost anything for food, but sometimes can become so fixated on the food that loses he will lose his ability to think through problems.

While he is very friendly he is also very independent with a desire to keep personal space, so no physical affection for this guy during training (he’d be LESS interested in working for you if you tried using affection as a reward).

Brophy is an independent dog with a low frustration for stress and therefore he has taught Megan a lot about patience, consistency, and training in slow approximations. 

While he is well accomplished in multiple dog sports and has tried out many not listed here, his favourite thing is most definitely scent detection.


Scent Detection Titles:

  • CKC: Novice, Open, Excellent, and Master
  • SDDA: Started, Advanced(x2), Excellent
  • CDSA: DS1-Jr, DS2-Sr, Detection Sport Versatility 3
  • NACSW: Skills Achievement Master, NW 1
  • C-WAGS: Level 1 ACE, Level 2 & 3 Double ACE, Level 4 ACE, Ranger 1 & 2 ACE, Ranger 3
  • ABC Games: Single Odor Games Master, Double Odor Games

Rally Obedience Titles

  • CARO: Novice Magna Cum Laude, Advanced Magna Cum Laude 

Tricks Titles:

  • DMWYD: Trick Dog Novice, Intermediate, Advanced, Expert, Champion (+ Alphabet Challenge (AtoZ), Beat The Clock, Olympic ’24, and more!)

Other Titles:

  • Finnish Lapphund Club of Canada: Versatility Novice Award

Scent Detection Titles:

  • CKC: Novice
  • CDSA: DS1-Sr
  • C-WAGS: Level 1 ACE, Level 2 & 3, Ranger 1 & 2

Tricks Titles:

  • DMWYD: Trick Dog Novice Masters


  • CKC: Champion


Ch Shadagrace Sweet Adventure SDN DS1-Sr CW-SPA CW-SD CW-SI CW-ScR2

Trinket is a young Finnish Lapphund and an all around very chill guy.

Trinket definitely can be sassy (he will loudly remind you that he is the centre of the universe if you seem to have forgotten), but he is a very sweet, gentle, and thoughtful dog. He loves to play but he’s far from being a high energy ‘crazy’ dog.

Trinket, like Brophy, has a low threshold for frustration, so errorless learning plans are important to keep him engaged in training.

Give this dog a problem to solve, though, and he will take his time thinking through it to find the right answer. While Trinket is not lacking in confidence he is a cautious and very sensitive dog. Just the sound of raised voices can make him feel uncomfortable, so it’s more important with him than your average dog to never allow any frustration to be taken out on him.

He likes food, but is extremely particular about the kinds of treats he’s willing to work for, so sometimes you need to get creative with him when offering rewards in training.

So far this young boy is proving to be extremely clever in a variety of different dog sports and we can’t wait to find out where our adventures will take us.