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Baby Puppies: 8 – 16 weeks

They’re Only Young Once

Raising a puppy can be a big challenge but with Extraordinary Canines you’ll be off to a great start so you can take advantage of this precious time. You’re in good hands here so you can rest assured that you’ll be guided on how to use the most up to date approach to socializing and training your puppy.

Our group puppy socialization classes which we call “Puppy Elements” aim to make the absolute most out of your puppy’s sensitive period for socialization. 

One thing experts agree on is that the first priority for all puppies is socialization. 

What does it truly mean to “socialize” your puppy and why do we do it? Socializing your puppy can be the difference between them developing into a confident friendly adult dog or an anxious or even aggressive adult dog.

Did you know that socialization is NOT just about meeting people and other dogs? Meeting other dogs is actually one of the least important pieces of socialization! Real socialization means that your puppy is introduced to new sounds, surfaces, objects, and overall a variety of life experiences.

Did you know that puppies have a sensitive period for socialization where they are primed to get the most out of these kinds of adventures and that socialization window closes between 12 – 16 weeks old?!

Socialization is not just about exposure either; we’ll help your puppy build positive associations with new things which will build their confidence so that they are not just tolerating of new experiences, but that new things actually make them happy.

If your puppy is 16 weeks or older, then you’ll want to look at our training for senior puppies.

Puppy 101


Before attending their first Puppy Elements: Socialization class every family must complete the Puppy 101 Intro & Socialization lessons from Puppy 101.

Puppy 101 covers potty training, puppy biting, socialization, and a general introduction to raising and training your puppy.

When possible families are encouraged to complete Puppy 101 before they bring their puppy home.

Puppy Elements: Socialization Class

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Before attending their first in-person class families must complete the Introduction and Socialization lessons in our online Puppy 101 course. This works as an orientation to ensure that families are starting class with the right foundations. 


Puppies may attend in person socialization classes as early as 1 week past their first vaccinations.  Read the FAQs for more info on why we start before puppies are fully vaccinated.

Puppies must be under 16 weeks old to attend. We prefer puppies to be 9 – 14 weeks and strictly enforce the age requirement. See our offerings for senior puppies if your puppy is over 16 weeks.


There are 4 Unique Puppy Elements classes (we call them Fire, Earth, Air, and Water) and the content rotates every week (Sunday & Tuesday class will be the same content).

Families enroll in each class individually and may attend as many or as few classes as they’d like before their puppy is 16 weeks old; our recommendation is to start your puppy at 9 – 12 weeks and attend once a week for 4 consecutive weeks.

Some families start late and attend just however many they can before their puppy “ages out” of classes while other families start early and attend classes 6 or more weeks! 

Puppy Elements: Socialization Class

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$40 – 75 minute class


Class sizes vary week to week with our “start anytime” approach. We run classes with as few as 2 puppies and as many as 6 puppies.


We ensure that there is at least one trainer available for every 3 puppies and their families in attendance so that there’s plenty of individual attention.


– Settling on place/focus on family
– 2 off leash puppy play opportunities
– Handling/husbandry exercises
– Object socialization
– Novel surface socialization
– Intro to vet/health equipment
– Agility/fitness activity for confidence building
– Sound socialization
– Introduction to life skill (eg. leash walking, sharing, sit, recall)

Puppy Elements: Class Schedule

Puppy Elements classes are scheduled twice every week. Usually every Sunday and Tuesday at 5:30pm with some variation due to holidays or special events. You can see the specific schedule when you enroll.

We have a rolling curriculum of 4 unique classes which rotate each week. You can see the upcoming “Elements” below. 

WINTER BREAK: December 24 – January 3

There will be no scheduled classes for these two weeks.
Please make careful note of your puppy’s age when enrolling in classes!
To attend all 4 unique classes puppies starting before Christmas will need to be no more than 10 weeks old.
We welcome older puppies to attend as many classes as possible before they are 16 weeks old.

Fire Element

November 13 & 15
December 11 & 13

Earth Element

November 20 & 22
December 20 & 22

Air Element

November 27 & 29
January 8 & 10

Water Element

December 4 & 6
January 15 & 17

Enroll in Puppy 101

$25 for 1 Year Access to the Online Course

Schedule Puppy Elements Class

$40 for 75 minute class

Get the Total Puppy Package and save!

Includes enrolment into Puppy 101 plus credits for 4 Puppy Elements classes!
Perfect for puppies 12 weeks and under. We recommend attending once weekly until your puppy is 16 weeks old.

The Extraordinary Canines approach is not just about training your dog. It’s about educating the human part of the family to have the skills and knowledge to work with their dog when a professional isn’t there to help. Click here to read more about the Extraordinary Canines training philosophy.

Puppy Elements Classes in Action

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