Personalized Training & Training Packages

Currently Personal Training is CLOSED to new clients.

Existing clients may still book Follow-Up appointments through the online booking software.

Training personalized for your family

Personalized training sessions take an adaptive approach to achieving your dog training goals. Whether you’re struggling with challenges presented by a dog you’ve had since puppyhood or you’ve recently brought a rescue dog into your family, this style of training can cater to every family’s specific lifestyle; personalized sessions allow a trainer to address your dog as an individual and removes the distractions of working around other dogs. 

Do you have a lot of questions and are confused with contradicting tips and advice from friends or people on the internet? With private dog training you have one-on-one access to an educated, certified, professional dog trainer.

Private personal sessions are first held at the Extraordinary Canines’ facility where we can have control over most distractions and can set your dog up for success. Depending on your challenges and training goals, subsequent sessions may be held at your home or we may go for a walk or visit a neighbourhood park.

COVID-19 Protocols: Please be aware that all Intake Sessions are being held online via Zoom Call. In person sessions are held at the Extraordinary Canines’ facility or sometimes at an outdoor location. No sessions are being held inside the family’s home.

Get help with:

  • Basic Manners
  • Potty Training
  • Obedience & Tricks
  • Ball/Object Retrieve
  • Fear & Anxiety
  • Recall (coming when called)
  • Polite Greetings (no jumping up)
  • Loose Leash Walking (no pulling on leash)
  • Leash Reactivity (barking/lunging on walks)
  • Inappropriate chewing & other destructive behaviours
  • Happier Vet & Groomer Visits
  • . . . and more

If your case is determined to be outside of the scope of services offered by Extraordinary Canines, we will work together to find a colleague that can help.

The Extraordinary Canines approach is not just about training your dog. It’s about educating the human part of the family to have the skills and knowledge to work with their dog when a professional isn’t there to help. Click here to read more about the Extraordinary Canines training philosophy.

Initial Private Consultation, Intake & Training


For first time clients we meet over Zoom Call and schedule extra time. We will start with a review of your dog’s lifestyle and behaviour history and an assessment of your training goals. This is followed by an introduction to Extraordinary Canine training techniques and some quick tips to help avoid your dog’s habits from getting any worse – complete with handouts for future reference.

Follow-Up Private Training

$160 | 60 minute session

An in-person private dog training session catered to your goals and building upon previous sessions. 

GET A DISCOUNT WITH training Packages | details below

Extraordinary Canine Training Package


Need training for a newly adopted dog? Experiencing new challenges with a long time canine family member? This package will get you started on the path toward reaching your goals.

You will get insight into your dog’s behaviour and learn training exercises specific to the challenges you’re experiencing.

Common goals for clients choosing this package include:  Reliable Recall (come when called), Loose Leash Walking (stop pulling on leash), and Reduce Leash Reactivity (stop barking and/or lunging at dogs, people, etc on walks).

* It is highly recommended to complete all three sessions within 3 – 6 weeks; this package expires 8 weeks after completing the initial session. 

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