Drop-In K9NW Fun & Foundations

Continuing K9 Nose Work Classes for sporting scent detection teams that will focus on fun and foundational skills.

All classes will be held at the Extraordinary Canines facility. You may register for any number of these classes.

These classes will be focused on reinforcing foundational skills of independence, problem solving, and fun. This class is 80 minutes.

Note that both Wednesday & Thursday class within the same week will be the same searches/games!

This class is 80 minutes.

!! Heat Warning !!
Due to the anticipated rising temperatures in June/July it is imperative that you have measures to keep your dog cool in the car for the duration of class. These classes will be held in the evening when temperatures should be cooling, but we still need to be mindful about dogs in cars. We will ensure at least one person is watching the vehicles at all times. It is recommended that you secure your dog in the vehicle in a manner where you can leave all windows open (eg. crated).

The Drop-In K9NW ticket sales has ended!


Wed June 29


7:00 pm - 8:20 pm


Continuing K9NW,
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