About Clara Salja

Role: Puppy Trainer & Family Pet Trainer


  • Teacher Certification (PDP, 2017)
  • Masters in Education (2022)
  • Family Dog Mediator (FDM, 2023)


  • Puppies
  • Adolescents (‘Teen’ dogs)

Other Skills:

  • Tricks
  • Foundational Training (‘basic obedience’)

Influences: Clara has been greatly influenced by Megan from Extraordinary Canines, who has mentored her for the past two years. Megan has created a safe environment for Clara to learn and grow, both personally and professionally.

Expertise: Clara is excellent at working with over-the-top adolescent dogs and new puppies. She is a clear communicator who understands that learning takes time and patience. Clara strives to create a welcoming and safe learning environment that supports clients’ needs and prioritizes a dog’s overall well-being. She has strong empathy for families with high-energy dogs and genuinely loves helping others better understand and strengthen their relationship with their dogs.

Experience: Clara began her dog training journey in 2020 with her own dog and has been working with Extraordinary Canines since 2021. Her passion for dog training grew as she helped her dog through health issues and learned to understand his needs, bringing her immense joy that she wanted to share with others.

Continuing Education: Clara is currently working on her Diploma of Canine Behavior Science and Technology from the Companion Animal Sciences Institute (CASI). She also attends seminars to stay up to date with the latest training methods and insights.

Teaching Philosophy:

Clara’s favorite part of teaching is learning new things from dogs. She believes that every dog has something unique to teach, and she enjoys discovering these lessons. Clara’s empathetic and patient approach helps her create strong bonds between dogs and their families.

Background: Clara has extensive experience working with youth and adults as a certified teacher. She holds a Master’s degree in Education from Thompson Rivers University. Clara has run workshops to support women and families new to Canada, creating inclusive and non-judgmental learning environments. Her dog, Rowan, is her whole world, and together they have participated in nosework, earned numerous trick titles, dabbled in agility, and love exploring nature.

Personal Interests

When not training dogs, Clara enjoys playing board games, painting, and drinking too much coffee.

She is passionate about exploring the beautiful trails of the West Coast with her dog, Rowan.

Clara’s Dog 


Rowan CW-SI (level 3), ETD

Rowan is a very good boy.


Scent Detection Titles:

  • C-WAGS: Level 1, 2, & 3

    Tricks Titles:

    • DMWYD: Trick Dog Novice, Intermediate, Advanced,  & Expert